Manchester Pride 2016

Manchester Pride falls over the August Bank Holiday weekend and is one of the biggest parties in the city and a celebration of the LGBT community.

As a Mancunian, I am proud of the our city’s history (the story has substance so wait for it). Notably I am a fan of the cities history in technology. It is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Bio-Medical Science, Graphene, Vimto and Computers!.

The latter revolves around a remarkable individual called Alan Turing who invented the worlds first computer. He also cracked the enigma code so who knows how WWII would have turned out without his brilliance.

Despite this, he was persecuted for his sexual orientation instead of celebrated for his achievements. He was eventually poisoned by eating an apple and only recently pardoned/remembered in the last 5 years due to consistent lobbying of the LGBT community.

Note; This is why Apple is called Apple (with a bitten apple logo) to remember Alan Turing. 

I am also proud of Manchester’s support of the LGBT community. I myself have been blessed to call several openly gay people my friends and they are some of the most interesting, thoughtful, fun loving people I know so the chance to celebrate the LGBT community was an easy one.


The pride event is one of the biggest LGBT events in the world and the party is also well known, Sam therefore invited her Canadian friends, Sabrina and Lindsay who live in London up to join in the festivities.

Whilst the music isn’t my scene (and Will Young didn’t sing his classics) I had a good weekend catching up with friends and bumping into others.

A weekend of partying certainly takes its toll and the Bank Holiday Monday was gravely needed.

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