Mussels in Brussels

I am just going to get it out there, I didn’t particularly enjoy Brussels (for completely the opposite way I didn’t enjoy Vienna which was like a ghost town) It was simply too damn busy! It may not have helped that we spent 2 days in the city over the Easter weekend and it was very busy with locals and tourists alike. I would like to have done Brussels first and I wouldn’t have compared it to both Gent and Bruge previously.

The city will be remembered for a number of things including a fantastic performance by United beating league leaders 2-0 at Old Trafford and a place Sam finally got to have Mussels… in Brussels.

The city is a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures, business, politics and tradition but it lacked the charm of other cities we had visited in Belgium.

The one highlight that I must point out is the fantastic dinner we had at Le Wine Bar des Marolles which is in the Quartier des Sablons near the Palais De Justice (and accessible on the 24 hour glass lift). The small bar served delightful, rich Belgium food from the local area. It wasn’t cheap but it was worthy of the special occasion of Jen’s 27th birthday. God she is getting old.

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  • 19/04/2017 at 5:10 pm

    fuck you, darrell.

    but yes, dinner was marvelous <3


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