Photo of the Week (25th June 2017) – Snowdonia National Park

When we returned back from Italy (after 15 pizzas in 10 days) we wanted to be more active and get out and enjoy the English summertime (if you can call it that). One of the hikes I wanted to take Sam on it Mount Snowdon in the Snowdonia National Park.

I have recently been reading a book about the Roman conquest of Britain and how the Army perished in the Welsh Mountains as they tried to wipe out the Druid settlement in Anglesey (Mona). The weather (it was winter not the British Summertime) laid waste to the army who were forced to retreat south with their tails between their legs.

I have climbed Snowdon about 7 times with a variety of friends and my favourite routes both start at Pen Y Pass. I prefer to start up the Pyg track which is a more consistent hike compared with the Miners Track which is flat, flat, flat then BAMM stairs. The latter is an easier route and would probably have been the easier route today in the miserable British weather. So here below are a few photos of today’s hike.

The weather was pretty sh*t but as per, the sun came out as we descended back down to the car.  After 7 times I still haven’t seen the view from the top of Snowdon haha.

The Welsh weather, always unpredictable but a fun day never-the-less.

We love a jumping photo


 Snowdon is that tall one


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