Cinque Terre & Milano

The one issue with having a blog/website for your travel memories is when you go on a big big trip and you have several pages you simply get bored of editing, uploading all the photos. So after Italy last year I never uploaded my Cinque Terre and Milan photos. It is now August 2018 (14 months later) and here I am.

I really enjoyed Cinque Terre. The villages that make up the 5 lands (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corneglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore) are beautiful and remind me of the Amalfi Coast (but less busy). It is also much cheaper to stay in La Spezia and get the train (takes about 15 minutes)

La Spezia

Nothing special as a town but a good base to explore Cinque Terre.


Probably the best town of the lot. I loved the views from the Nessum Dorma restaurant across the harbour.


My second favourite of the villages. There was a great restaurant up the hill where we watched the sun go down. Also, EmRa was there the same day as us, so we are basically famous.


We only had a day in Milan before our flight home. I went for a solo trip up the Il Duomo the 4th largest church in the world. I mis-read it was 2000 steps and scared everybody off… however it was only 200 and took like 5 minutes haha.



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