Hornby 2020

Hornby Island is a special place to our dear friends Emily and Tyler. They got married there 4 years ago (see here) and 2 years ago Emily celebrated her 30th birthday on the island (see here). With Emily, Ty and now Charlie spending 3 weeks on the island we took advantage of a spare room and travelled to the island to spend 4 nights with them. We originally planned to head early on Monday but Sam got Sunday off work so we decided to surprise Emily on her 32nd Birthday.

Hornby is a paradise and I can understand their obsession over the place. The 6 hour (3 ferry) ride from Vancouver and the capacity of the Denman/Hornby ferry puts off most people keeping it relatively quiet.

We had a great 4 days (Thanks Em & Ty) visiting some of the wonderful places Hornby has to offer.

Big Tribune Provincial Park

The main beach of Hornby and one that would not be amiss in Hawaii. A gorgeous sandy beach which is the focal point of the island (and those who want to party). We didn’t spend as much time on here as we usually do but still got a few beach afternoons in.

Little Tribune Bay

The little brother and also a nudist beach so I saw some unwanted old sausage. A rockier beach but just as pretty

Mt Geoffrey Park

The highest point of the island and filled with hiking and mountain biking trails. Apparently its pronounced (Joffrey) but I don’t believe that. Tyler took me on my first proper MTB ride (x2) and we all went up a hike to the cliffs overlooking Denman Island and the main island.

Helliwell Provincial Park

A picture perfect coastline


The venue Emily and Ty got married, A lovely venue (probably the poshest on the island) where we had a lovely dinner and admired the beautiful vistas

Grassy Point

Somewhere new that I LOVED. This is THE spot to watch the sunset on the island. A beautiful place and a fabulous sunset.

Other Spots

So many pretty things to see and do including Fossil Beach Cidery and Isla de Lerena Vineyard


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