Smoke on the (Lake Lovely) Water

So here it is, summer is almost over. The last trip of ‘summer’ was one I had been excited for since I booked it in early July. Up amongst the Tantalus Mountains (West of Squamish) lies Lake Lovely Water. This is a beautiful lake with a cool cabin. Due to COVID-19, the cabin, which is usually free to book up to a max capacity of 20 was only reserved for a single group. I thus brought together a rowdy crew of 12 (13… well 14 including Olive) for the weekend. I wasn’t sure how everyone would get along but I love combining friendship groups and seeing my friends make friends with my other friends. It is something I was very proud about in the UK and something I will look to do more here in Vancouver.

The weekend was simply amazing and although it was brought short by the smoke (from the US wildfires) meaning we all hiked down on Sunday rather than Monday. I only think the words written in the Cabins log by Shahin could do the weekend justice

“Our motley crew came up for a COVID retrieve. The hike was beautiful but tougher than expected. Day one was fantastic, weather was clear and sun was shining. Fantastic canoe rides, got glacial ice for the coolers and even caught some fish (a lie, sorry Tom). Played trivial pursuit, crib, backgammon Kings cup (where we were missing a King, well-done Matthew for downing the pint and took one for the team). Oscar put on a display of picking things up with his ‘finger toes.. quite impressive’.

The gang sat around the table on Saturday and we had some very good conversations, lots of laughs and we really connected. Big props to our captains, Dale (N’awww shucks) and Olive who put this all together and got us all together to strengthen old connections and make new ones.

The water was cold but it certainly had healing powers. A wise person told us that the water can cure your ails. We could all feel that is certainly does rejuvenate the aches and pains from the hike. The stars at night were magical and puts into perspective that we are just a small piece of the collective universe. Lots of deep philosophical chats combined with beer, whiskey, tequila, rum and wine

The smoke from the forest fire unfortunately took over the region. The beautiful lake disappeared behind a thick blanket of smog but we made the best of it and bonded as a group. Often in times of pandemics and natural disasters people are brought together. It certainly did for this group and we thank the Alpine Club for the hospitality. 

To Navid, Olive, Shahin, Tom, Daphne, Robert, Julie, Julia, Graham, Shawnee, Dev, Oscar and last but not least Matt… Thank-you for a great weekend’

The Helicopterers

The Hike Up

Reinforcement(s) have arrived aka me.

First View of the Lake

Finally Made IT!!

The Cabin

The Lake

The Nights

The Smoke

The Descent (aka Olive in a Bag)

The Crew

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