Levette Lake 2021 (Part 1)

This is Part 1 because we plan to revisit Levette later this summer….

It wouldn’t be a summer without going to my favorite place in the world. Matt, Oscar and I were planning on going camping somewhere (anywhere) but when we found out Emily, Tyler, Charlie and Hannah and Russ were going to Levette the same weekend we decided to tag along. Suddenly its a crew.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Jen and Navid (and Olive) for going a day early and getting the group camping spot. This is the first time I stayed at the Group spot. I prefer the landing spot (Site 3) but when there is that many of you.. It works well.

This was first time Georgie went to the lake (and on a paddleboard). It wont be the last.

Disclaimer: No chairs were flipped… this time.

Sorry Navid. I couldn’t resist

The next day we went to Abe’s

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