Starvation Lake 2021

1st July 2021 (Canada Day has been put on hold given the horrible findings at the Indian Reservation Schools).

Starvation is a relatively hidden gem to visit in a saturated Squamish market. Lakes get REALLY busy in the summer especially the ones that are easy access. Well Starvation Lake isn’t. The road in is rough and Oscars car didn’t make it so we camped alongside the Mamquam river (same place as last year where I lost my drone) The crazy heatwave had melted so much snow over such a small time so the river was soooo much higher than last year and it was a RUSHING. It just meant I kept Georgie on the long leash at all times.

It was an eclectic group but a successful trip. Gay Secrets 2021.

Warning, lots of photos of George sat in chairs ha

And just a short walk to the lake… lol

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