About Me

Update 2017: Living in Vancouver. Truly a Mancunian Abroad.

My Name is Dale, I am a 20-something from Manchester, UK but currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. I decided to write this blog as a way to keep track on all my trips over the years and to give my thoughts on things I enjoyed (and those I didn’t). I hope the blog inspires you to follow your own dreams and travel plans.

My interest in travel stems from my love of Geography and the Natural World. This all began when I was a child by playing the ‘country game’ to pass time during long journeys with my Mum & Dad. I remember studying the Atlas trying the find the obscure countries to stump my parents.

Travel has also been the reason I met my Canadian Girlfriend Samantha. We met in Halong Bay (Vietnam) in October 2014 and she shares a passion to see new places. She moved to Manchester in September 2015 and we spent 2 years hot trotting around continental Europe. Now we are based in Vancouver I hope to do the same with the whole of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina to everything in between.

I studied Geography at GCSE, A-Level and eventually at degree level at the University of Manchester. I left Manchester in 2011 with a 1st class degree and now work in the energy-efficiency sector helping to develop a new energy saving central heating additive called EndoTherm 

My other interests include Football (I refuse to call it Soccer) although I will pretty much any sport. I am also a keen Movie Geek with a passion for action and adventure films. None better than LOTR: Return of the King and I will visit Hobbiton in New Zealand one day.

Most of the photo’s you see are taken from my trusty Go-Pro Hero 4 or my Nikon D3200 which is an entry level DSLR camera but one that I am not worried about travelling with but can still take a killer shot.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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