Char & Dave tie the knot – Kalamalka Lake (August 2019)

So after Dave proposed over 12 months ago the time for the big wedding was upon us. The entire extended Ellan & Kyle (Gibson) clan descended on Kalamalka Lake.

With family members coming in the week leading up to the Saturday wedding… and just because we could… Sam and I headed up on Tuesday before the wedding and stayed for the week.

Pre-Wedding Fun

Sam and I; fully stocked headed up on Tuesday and stayed Tue/Wed night at the Ellan main family house. The house was an imitation Mexican Villa (don’t ask my why) but situated only 2 min walk from the wedding venue and 5 minutes from the Kyle family home. (From Thursday we would head to our own Airbnb abit further away from the venue to get a bed….)

Caroline the hot tub queen

Uncle Navid with Baby June

That night we had a BBQ on the beach which was a time of things to come (plenty of drinks and plenty of food).

Wednesday was a pot-luck and Dave gave me a 30 minute slot to blast out my terrible tunes (Robbie and the Killers haha) whilst Thursday was a hang at the Gibsons (Dave’s family from Ontario on Anne’s side) at their gorgeous lakeside Airbnb.

During the day on Wednesday Scott and I had some time free in the morning and embarked on a hike in Kalamalka Provincial Park. The 90 minute hike had fantastic views of the like and its crazy colours (from limestone deposits)

Friday – (The Calm Before the Storm)

Friday was the official welcome party. This was initially a party on the beach but as the weather wasn’t truly agreeing with us.

The view from Emily/Tyler/Ryan/Sam/Julia/Brennans gaff.

You can all hear this laugh right? 

Yes, I am going Grey


Saturday: The Big Day

As the only one in the Airbnb not in the wedding party I had Saturday morning off. Jason, Jaclyn and I (all crossfit wankers) dropped into the wonderful CrossFit Vernon gym for a partner WOD. It was ACE and I will definitely drop in each time I visit in the future.

After this and a hearty brunch with Jay it was the time for the big event. It was a great wedding; great people; great fun with great music. What more can you ask for?

Some drone shots before heavy drinking commenced.

The beautiful bride with her mini-Char

Stay weird

He’s got moves

Sunday Funday

Sunday was designed as a chill party by the lake.

Dominoes on the beach.

So I borroed Daves drone without a SD card so it only saved a cache image which was very low res. A shame because it would of been a hell of a shot