The Lavette Strikes Back

You may remember we went to Lavette Lake during my first weekend Living in Canada (seen here). It was magical and really gave me a taste of what summer in Vancouver is all about before the eventually fall/winter rainfall.

So, I was itching to go back and, as it seems so were Jen and Navid who organised a camping trip back up to Lavette whilst Navids good friend Shahin was visiting from Ottawa. Sam, Emily, Tyler and Jason (oh and Olive) also made the trip up.

Lavette is situated north of Squamish and it was the first real 4×4 experience for our BRAND NEW CAR… did I say I got a new car. Thankfully the car made it up and down with no issues and gave me the confidence to take it further afield in future events.

I love Lavette, the party island, pride rock, the tree I just can’t walk across and all that jazz. A great day out and I can’t wait to go back

Note: most of the images were taken on a potato so haven’t been included

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