A Winter Bike Ride Around Vancouver

When I moved to Vancouver 4 months ago I took less holidays then I imagined (eager to get started in promoting EndoTherm in the US & Canada). So this week, the final working week of the year I found myself with 5 holidays left (and no roll-overs) so I decided to take the day off on Wednesday (in-line with a clear weather forecast) and cycle around the Sea Wall. I have also just bought a new bike off a friend at football ($100 – bargain) so keen to give it a go.

On Tuesday, it snowed, it snowed hard and by Wednesday morning the snow had turned to ice which made for an interesting morning on the bike. I knew that the temperature and direct sunlight would eventually melt the ice as the day progressed.

The ride around the sea wall is about 10km in total (plus some detours) traveling past False Creek, English Bay and around Stanley Park. With the clear skies and fresh snow it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Below are some of the best photos of the day.

Science World, a cool interactive science experience with a 3D IMAX theatre. Sam took me here the first time I visited Vancouver.

Sunset Beach and English Bay

Stanley Park

Forget the little mermaid, its the lady in a wetsuit!

First Nation Totem Poles. These replicas of original first nation totem poles are the most visited site in British Columbia. They depict important families and the wars they won.

A great day!!

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