Emily’s Champagne Birthday – Hornby Island

On the 30th August 2018 (exactly a year since I arrived in Canada) Emily turned the rip old age of 30 (going on 25). She therefore planned a camping trip for her closest friends at Tribune Bay, Hornby Island. This is the island she and Tyler got married on back in 2016 (see here) and one they hold very close to their hearts so it was an fitting choice to celebrate her 30th.

I knew the weekend was going to be fun so I made sure my friends, Chris and Jenny (visting from the UK) were here over this weekend to join in on the festivities and meet the friends I had made over the last year in one go.

Horby Island is a small island situated off the east coast of Vancouver Island (with another island, Denman Island sitting in between). With great hikes, gorgeous parks, including Helliwell Provincial Park and a beautiful beach in the name of Tribune Bay it is a hot spot for vacationing Canadians. In fact Daily Hive ran an expose on the island this year calling it Little Hawaii which only increased its reputation.

The island is accessed from Vancouver via 3 ferries and 6 hours of travel. However it is a fun trip and the beautiful weather made it a fun time. After 6 hours we pulled up at a heaving campsite and checked into our pre-booked lot in the corner, out of the way so we wouldn’t piss off to many campers.

The weekend was great fun and consisted of games and evening hangs on the beach, lots of food from taco’s pizza, burgers, naan-dogs… so unhealthy and lots and lots and lots of booze. It was a great weekend and we took some great photos which you can see below.

Helliwell Provincial Park

The park is one of the gems of Hornby and one I had not been able to go to during the wedding as I didnt have a car and everyone else was involved in the wedding party and thus very busy. The whole tribe went for a walk and managed to take some cool shots.



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