Eagle Bluffs via Cabin Lake and Black Mountain

On Remembrance Sunday (11th November) 2018 Sam, Jen and I (oh and Olive) decided to go on a hike after Man Utd were destroyed (sobs) by our noisy neighbours.


Eagle Bluffs is situated on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver, the trail which is recorded as ‘hard’ (pffft) is about 9km in length. The start is challenging as its straight up for 2.5km, getting the blood racing but bar some seasonal icy patches it was relatively easy. The trail is great, a mixture of different sceneries, footpath conditions and plenty of lakes. It will be one to come back to in the summer so Olive can go for a swim.

Below are some photos from the day. What was especially cool was the ability to feed the birds (just the small ones, not the Ravens the size of elephants) on top of Black Mountain.

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