Bluey Lake – Aspen Grove

We spent Friday / Saturday at Bluey Lake which is about 30 minutes east of Merritt and 3.5 hours east of Vancouver. This is a long drive for an overnighter but the Instagram pictures looked great and I am always keen to fly the drone. Thankfully it did not disappoint.

We joined Jen, Navid and Jason (oh and Olive) on the lake for a fantastic couple of days.

Note: the campsite is a 15 minute drive down a logging road. Whilst 4×4 clearence isnt a necessity it is recommended as it can get quite bumpy in stages

Oh and of course the drone shots. The water is a wicked green in places despite the Bluey Lake name. this is areas where the lake is shallower and a thick desposit of silt gives the water this amazing colour. 


And we ate like Kings

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