The First Inaugral Precision Athletics Kawkawa Lake Open

One of my favourite things about CrossFit is its social element and the friendly competitive nature brings like-minded people together. Precision Athletics is no different and Cam; one of the regulars invited us to his lakehouse whilst we were having a post WOD brunch back in May. So 13 of us headed east 2 hours to Hope and Kawkawa Lake.

The cabin is awesome; it maintains a very 50-60s style with big shag carpet and wooden panelling. Despite this is has all the modern amenities (cept WiFi) needed to survive in modern day society.

After hitching a lift with Hjalmar and Jason (via Costco and Costco Hot Dogs) we spent the first night playing games til 3am. The next morning; a little sore in the head we headed to Othello tunnels which is located just 5 minutes from the house. The tunnels we created for the Canadian Railway by dynamite blasting through the rock. The contrast between the tunnels and the raging river below makes for a very enjoyable experience (and thus very popular).

That afternoon; Cam had an idea to dress up in 80s tennis outfits. I find that Canadians rarely do fancy dress as us Brits called it s0 this was awesome. I went for traditional off white of the era but kind of stood out haha. It was a great afternoon on the dock playing Flip-cup. The weather managed to hold out long enough but soon the rain came and we retreated inside.

Overall a great weekend and fantastic to hang out with a great group of people. See pictures below.

Yes the carpet gets its own place in history

Othello Tunnels

admiring the engineering (in a way only an architect knows how)

The First Inaugral Kawkawa Tennis Open

I am sorry ladies but this was the best of the bunch haha. So much effort. 

Coach Dave in action

It’s hungry work tennis


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