Cypress Mountain – Jan 2021

Living in Vancouver / BC has many advantages but one I had not really taken advantage of is skiing. I think the cost of getting all the equipment really put me off but I saw more and more friends skiing and felt left you so a resolution was to buy stuff and get on the mountain. It was surprisingly easy and after about $200 and some help from Oscar who waxed and sharpened my ski’s I was ready to hit the slope.

Wanting to start slowly and spotting a sunny day on the weather forecast during the week (so hopefully quieter) I decided to give Cypress which many see as the best of Vancouver’s 3 slopes. I was joined by Meg who also wanted to get back into the swing of things too.

Anyways, here are some photos of what turned out to be a beautiful day.

Downtown Vancouver

Runs (for my reference)

BM – Panorama

BM – Maelle Ricklers Gold

BM – Panorama / Bennys to Raven Ridge Chair

BM – Ride Out / Panorama / Crazy Raven

BM – Ride Out / Panorama / WindJammer

MS – Collins

MS – Horizon

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