Twin Falls Hike – Lynn Canyon

Winter is coming, or so I have been warned by news articles over the past week. Yet despite this the warm(ish) weather which has blessed us since I moved has stuck around. Always looked for an opportunity to get out and explore Sam & I joined up with Navid and his friends Zack and Conor to take on the Lynn Canyon, Twin Falls hike. The proximity of some of the hikes in North Vancouver means that hikes can be completed and you can be home, showered and ready for afternoon antics by 1pm.

Starting in Bridgman park, we hiked up alongside the Lynn Canyon following the river up stream to the falls. This hike is about 45-60 mins each way along well marked paths and wooden walkways where the ground is typically boggier. One of the best things about the hike is it follows the trail up and downhill each way so your not trudging up hill for an hour consistently.

The twin falls are beautiful and we hopped a safety fence to get closer to the action, the fence is mainly to stop people from swimming as strong undercurrents have claimed victims over the past few years.

With light filtering through the trees it made for some excellent photos.

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