Walking in A Winter Wonderland – Lynn Canyon

One of the perks of moving to Canada is snow!. For Canadians, especially those who transport to work the snow is a major pain in the arse but coming from a place that rarely snows (and the snow usually melts/sludges overnight) I LOVE IT.

One of Sams friends, Leah who has been living in London for the last 2 years is back in Vancouver as she applies for a new visa to return (God knows why…..). We used this as a chance to catch up and go on a hike in the snow. We decided to go to Lynn Canyon as its within the Car2Go home zone (1st world problems) parking at Bridgman Park and walking up past twin falls and up to the Suspension Bridge. This is a hike I did in my first few days of moving to Canada so it was great to see how the trail had changed in the snow.

The hike was great and a perfect chance to catch up with Leah and argue about her love (and my hate) for London haha. (Its not that bad but us Mancs love to hate everywhere, Liverpool, Leeds, London, Birmingham, other parts of Manchester, the next street over and so on).

We finally finished where all great hikes should in a bar (Browns) drinking a well earn’t beer. The pictures are pretty damn cool.

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