Levette Lake 2020

Levette Lake is my favourite place in Canada and somewhere we like to visit once a year. It has become a tradition to camp for the weekend and party on the lake with the most amazing backdrops

Navid and I left on Thursday afternoon to snag a spot. Levette only has 9 paces so competition is fierce (many later comers are forced to camp off-grid further around the lake or simply abandon their plan). With two spots to fill we managed to get space for everyone (about 16 of us) which was great.

After a chill Thursday night the group arrived on Friday (including Jen, Shahin, Jay, Constance, Roffy, Ash, Matt, Oscar and a number of Oscars friends who came up to celebrate Oscars birthday on the Friday). Sam and Emily also came up for the day on Sunday.

Friday wasn’t the nicest weather wise which ultimately meant we all got rather drunk ha (Chairmagedon). Saturday and Sunday however were glorious meaning we spent most of the afternoon on the lake. I do however look like a lobster after spending to much time in the sun.

So, another beautiful weekend at Levette is in the books. Until next year.

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