August Long 2020 – Sunshine Coast

One of Sam’s friends Mia got married (to the lovely Dean) over the August long weekend. We got the invite to her wedding at her mums gorgeous house on the Sunshine Coast near Sechelt. We decided to make a trip of it heading up the Sunshine Coast highway (and another ferry) to Powell River for the evening too.

The Wedding

The wedding was great, a beautiful location and full of great people. I got far too drunk (the standard for weddings) but thankfully other people took good photos (thankfully none of me past 8pm). A shout out to Mia and Dean and best wishes for their future.

Groom photo bomb

Powell River and Lund

The place was quiet. We stayed at the interesting Old Courthouse Inn which was quirky (and our own private balcony was awesome). However the weather on Monday was iffy and most things were closed. Id like to go back during a busier time and rent a house up here. I have also added Savary Island to the old bucketlist.

Lund was cool, it is classed as the end of the Pacific Highway which stretches all the way down to Chile

Heading Home

One the way back from Powell River we saw a pod of Orca’s swimming beside the ferry. That was an awesome experience. All in all a great weekend but one that I need a holiday in itself to recover from.


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