Thanksgiving: Capilano Canyon and the Sunshine Coast

The first weekend of October is otherwise known as Thanksgiving in Canada. This is a time to celebrate family (old and new) and we had planned to spend Sunday on the sunshine coast with Sam’s family.

As I was in Calgary on Thursday and Friday Sam had decided to head to the coast early so I headed over on Sunday with Char and Dave. The weather was gorgeous which made for some beautiful photos on the ferry.

To celebrate the Canadian holiday I decided to wear a Canadian tuxedo aka double denim. Dave and I were staring into the sun which is why you can’t actually see my eyes.

Sam has a big family and the majority was there on Sunday, sisters and cousins and aunties (Carols twin sister Kathy) and in-laws and 2nd cousins and mums sisters brothers uncles sister, you get the drill! For some it was a 50/60/70th Thanksgiving and for others it was their first (notably myself and baby Caroline…. SWEET CAROLINE).

The youngsters and the even younger youngsters headed to the park to enjoy the sunshine (there won’t be much left) before dinner. The park was right on the coast with great views over the coast.

Dinner was delicious, ham, turkey, stuffing (I still prefer yours mum), yam mash, perogies, veg etc nom nom nom. Shame it took 3000 dishes to make and the kids had to wash up. I chipped in I promise.

On the holiday Monday the weather had remained clear so we decided to head outside to Capilano Lake and the Cleveland Dam. This is a well marked path in North Vancouver. The Lake and Canyon make for an excellent few hours.


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