Photo of the Week: Ladner Creek Trestle

Sam and I went over (well across) to Penticton in the Okanagan to spend the weekend with Sam’s cousin Liz and her husband Ben. We had a fantastic time (Thanks for hosting guys) but due to the adverse weather (Smokanagan) we didn’t take too many photos.

On the way back from the Okanagan we stopped over to visit Ladner Creek Trestle. The Trestle is an instagram hotspot and somewhere I had wanted to visit since I moved. I have driven past the spot twice during previous visits but time / tiredness mean’t we didn’t stop.

Ladner Creek Trestle is basically an old abandoned railway bridge over Ladner Creek. The trestle is located about 25km east of Hope. It is accessed by parking literally on the highway and scrambling up the side of the road to an old railway path. After about 15 minutes we reached the trestle. A glorious place but the path is not maintained and a bit iffy!

Earlier in the summer the trestle undertook alot of damage due to a tossed cigarette of a visitor (angry face) and as such the trestle has been closed. So, technically we were trespassing but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity (in case it is demolished LIKE THE BRIDGE IN HOPE FROM RAMBO).



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